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We can create a custom design from your logo or idea. Please fill out the form below for the specific information needed to complete your request. You will receive a design proof within 2-3 business days. For rhinestone designs we will charge a $25 non-refundable deposit for the artwork which will be applied to your order. Embroidery designs have a digitizing fee of $45 for a design 5” or less and $95 for designs larger than 5”. Screen printing set up charges will be billed with a deposit of $25, but will ultimately be billed at $25 per color. If the ink is lighter than the shirt, an under base is required and will be billed as the first color. So a black shirt with white ink will be a two color set up and print because of the under base and the white color ink.

Please be as specific as possible with your request as edits can be timely and incur additional charges. If design artwork is necessary prior to digitizing for embellishment, it will be billed at $40 per hour.

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